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Hi Mark, thank you for a fantastic day

Hi Mark

Just a quick email to thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday - like I said, I know I'm a bit of an enthusiast and was ready for finding out about NLP anyway, but even if I hadn't been it would have been a great day and quite inspiring.

I bounced home, cuddled my youngest (tactile and emotional), talked to my middle son (verbal and analytical), and showed my daughter the diagrams I'd sketched on your handouts (visual). I tried to convey my excitement about what we'd discussed during the day, but they need to experience it for themselves, so it'll be in the practice of it in daily life that we'll see any changes. Me changing some of my language will make a difference and I just have to make sure I slow down enough to allow my awareness of situations to catch up and give me the space to choose words - does that make sense?

I also enthused to one of the rugby coaches who thinks that some kind of motivational NLP style session would be really interesting, and I plan to get in touch with the secretary of the club to see if anything could be arranged. Thanks so much for considering it as a possibility in the future. I'll let you know if other people are as enthusiastic about it as I am.

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