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Fear of Dentists Gone in 20 Minutes

"When I decided to tackle my phobia of dentists, I didn't really know where to start. It had been a problem for longer than I can remember and even a simple check-up would give me days of worry in anticipation. I decided enough was enough and to try anything to overcome this irrational phobia. The problem was that by acknowledging the problem, it started to become more prominent in other areas of my life. I started getting panic attacks in all sorts of unrelated places from familiar environments to crowded places and hospitals.

A friend suggested I try hypnotherapy, so I booked a session. The session was actually quite uplifting and I left feeling confident that I may have tackled the phobia. The problem was that within days, I was back where I started.

Then came the turning point. I met Mark Dawes through a work contact and just happened to mention, by chance, my problem with an upcoming dental appointment. Mark went through the simple EFT process with me and I skeptically followed, thinking "what have I got to lose." After the process I immediately felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. I was free to think about the dentist without my heart skipping a beat. I even tried to force myself to get panicked but it didn't happen. I have since been to numerous dental appointments without incident and all of the other unrelated panic attacks have stopped. I can go to the dentist without worrying about it for days in advance and I know that if ever I get a similar fear or phobia, I have a simple means to treat it myself."

Dan Bennett

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