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Depression and Anxiety Gone in 30 Minutes

I attended a Quantum Thinking Workshop being run by Mark Dawes through my employer in December 2009. It was sold to me as a stress management course. It was no such thing.

I had the worst year of my personal and professional life in 2009 and could see no way out of the desperate situation that I found myself in. Medication and counselling was having little or no effect and so I found myself attending this workshop, albeit thinking it would make no difference whatsoever.

When Mark Dawes introduced himself to the group and started to tell us about Neuro Linguistic Programming I was very sceptical and started to switch off. However Mark’s delivery and obvious passion and belief in this technique soon stirred my interest and that day in December was to change my life completely.

The thoughts and patterns that have repeated themselves throughout my life suddenly started to make sense and this is backed up by scientific evidence.  I was amazed that Mark actually managed to hypnotise the whole group without us realising it, which shocked even the ageing sceptics from our I.T. Department who had been laughing at the mere suggestion that there is such a thing as hypnotherapy! I didn’t believe in it either!

Mark then went out of his way to spend some of his own personal time with me to help me with the issues that could well have led to my not being here to see 2010.  It is fair to say that when I met up with Mark I could not speak about my experiences of the last 15 months without breaking down. I have never been very good at asking for help and have always been seen as this strong person who can cope with anything and who is always laughing.  Someone that others turn to for help.  Admitting otherwise is weak right?  No one who didn’t know what was happening to me and looking at me from the outside (including Mark!) would have known the turmoil that I was in.

Mark put me back into a relaxed trance state and taught me a tapping technique that has started to change the way that I see myself, accept who I am and most importantly start reprogramming my unconscious mind. I purchased Mark’s Book “Understanding Quantum Thinking” which I read chapters of regularly to focus on how this technique really does make a difference.  I am now channelling a new ‘groove’ for myself and have stepped out from within the confines of the old one. This will become clear if you allow yourself to open up to Quantum Thinking.

No one who knows me can believe the difference in me since that day in December and my outlook has completely changed. I have stopped the counselling, am coming off the medication and although Quantum Thinking isn’t an instant miracle cure for the things that I have been through, I believe that it is a technique that with practice and a determination that my life has to change, will help me to a better life."

Nicola Millar. 6/1/2010

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