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British Paralympic Archer Cured of Fits & Shaking in 20 - 30 Minutes

Wow what a guy! One chance meeting with Mark Dawes has changed my life in so many ways; I am happier, healthier and am looking forward to a very different future. In 10 years of seeking medical help to resolve pseudo fits and getting nowhere a chance meeting with Mark changed everything.

My name is Kay Lucas and I am a Paralympic archer. I was struggling with pain, both emotional and physical due to spinal injuries. After a road rage incident I started having pseudo fits, something that looked very much like a grand mall epileptic fit.

I was having a coffee with a friend after a training session, trying to stop a fit from taking hold when Mark approached me and asked if I was alright.  My friend explained what was happening to me and Mark calmly replied if you like I can help you stop them.  I thought: yeh right, like after 10 years of suffering the embarrassment and inconvenience of these things some stranger is just going to get rid of them? But something made me say yes; I spent a very short time with him talking through a couple of things, then worked through a tapping sequence and did a time line.

Mark asked me then to talk through the things we had spoken of just a few minutes before and I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t shake (AT ALL) and although I have been in some painful and stressful situations since I still haven’t had a problem with shaking."

Kay Lucas

PS: Perhaps I should have said that since our meeting and reading your book, the amount of friends and family that are on the waiting list to borrow the book is growing every day. They all see a change in me and want some for themselves."

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