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Recently there was an article in the national press entitled ‘The Miracle Survivors’ about people who were diagnosed with terminal cancer, but whose tumours disappeared completely.

Over the years there apparently unexplainable remissions were put down to luck and miracles, yet what science is now unearthing is a more rational answer. The tumours were in fact killed off by the patients’ own immune system.

One woman was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her kidney was a 46 year-old mother of two, Sharyn. Her tumour was so rare that the doctors at the specialist hospital that she was being treated at sent samples of the tumour for examination by specialists in London, Glasgow and Harvard.

They all agreed that she had a form of bone cancer. In fact the patient was one of only ten known cases where the cancer had become a kidney tumour. Approximately one year after diagnosis the patient was told that the cancer had spread through her kidneys and lungs and that she was now a terminal case. She was told that no operation would save her and even if she had chemotherapy that worked, it would only add a few weeks to her life. She was told the bleak news that she possibly had only a year to live.

The woman and her family were obviously devastated, but she was determined to beat the disease. To this end she started to pray. Three months later, after a scan to see how the cancer was spreading, she was informed that the cancer was gone. The doctors were astonished but confirmed that the seemingly spontaneous remission could not have been down to anything that they had done.

The woman, Sharon, a middle-aged mother of two, is convinced that what happened was a miracle. “When the doctors told me that the cancer was terminal I put my faith into practice and attended a Christian healing ministry”, she said.

Research is now showing that stories of so-called ‘spontaneous remission’ are happening more often then we might imagine. A Norwegian study of women, for example, concluded that spontaneous remission of breast cancer might have occurred in more than 20 per cent of cases.

Another study in the Journal Archives of Internal Medicine compared 100,000 women who had received regular two-yearly breast screens over six years, with 100,000 similar women who had not. At the end of the study, the tumour rate in women who didn’t have regular screening was 22 per cent lower. After exploring all other possibilities, the investigators concluded that the difference could only be explained by spontaneous regression of their tumours – over the six years these woman had developed tumours that had simply vanished on their own before being detected by a doctor.

The reason why these spontaneous remissions happen seems to lie in the ability of our immune systems to produce the right antibodies to fight off the disease.

What scientists are now finding is that people who have successfully beaten cancer have higher concentrates of certain anti-bodies in their immune system. As a result scientists and pharmaceutical companies are now hard at work trying to create synthetic drugs that will help boost the immune system to fight cancer. However, the use of artificial drugs can also have damaging side-effects when used on what is fundamentally a system that requires a delicate balance.

But what produces these anti-bodies in us in the first place?

Andy why are some people deficient in them where others seem to have them in abundance?

Well, apart from the very small percentage of people who are born with a genetic in-balance in their immune system (which by the way is not heredity – more about that later), the simple answer is it is down to the way we think. Let me explain.


Our bodies have an amazing ability to produce a wide and diverse range of natural drugs via a part of our brains known as the hypothalamus. Think of it if you will as your own personal inbuilt drug manufacturing company. This phenomenal piece of equipment will produce drugs (known as peptides) on demand consistent with your how you feel at any given moment in time.

For example, when you feel invincible the hypothalamus in your brain (the worlds largest natural drug producing pharmaceutical company) will produce natural peptides such as Interleukin 2, one of the most effective and efficient drugs for fighting cancer worldwide. This natural drug also has another major benefit. It targets the distribution of the naturally produced interleukin 2 directly into the immune system. It does this in the correct quantities and without the need for other drugs to manage the side effects normally associated with the use of synthetic drugs.

When we are calm and relaxed our hypothalamus produces a natural form of Valium, and when we are happy we produce other natural drugs that help boost our immune system and fight off bacteria and viral infections.

In essence, feeling invincible makes you naturally produce drugs from your own brain that will make you invincible. Feeling happy makes you naturally produce drugs from your own brain that will make you healthy. Feeling calm makes you naturally produce drugs from your own brain that make you calm.

However, the opposite is also true. When we feel down, low, depressed, angry and hostile we will produce drugs naturally from our own brains to satisfy the need to feel that way. And that is not good for us.

Is it any wonder then that people who rate high on the anger and hostility scale are more likely to die prematurely than smokers!


In the field of biology, known as Epigenetics (meaning control above genetics), research has established that our DNA blueprints passed down through our genes are not set in concrete at birth. In short our genes are not our destiny. Epigenetic research has shown that other factors such as environmental influences, nutrition, stress and emotions all serve to modify our genes, without changing their basic blueprint. It also showed that these modifications could be passed on to future generations.

Now, this is groundbreaking research. What it proves is extremely important. It shows that many things that we take as being heredity are not.

In essence our past does not necessarily dictate our future!

For example, studies have found that only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular patients can attribute their disease to hereditary factors. However, what is not emphasised, according to Lipton and the epigenetic research, is that ninety-five percent of breast cancers are not due to inherited genes. The malignancies in a significant number of cancer patients are derived from environmentally induced epigenetic alterations and not defective genes.


Our bodies are designed to self-heal. We are born with a body that has an in-built capacity for self-healing. If we have a cut it heals. If we break a bone it can mend. When we get a cold or a flu we get better, and, as we have already seen, many people can seemingly cure themselves from terminal illness. There is now a growing body of evidence that shows that if you remove negativity and distress fro our lives are body will do what it was designed to do – heal itself.

So when Sharyn decided not to become a victim of her cancer she probably did more good for herself then she ever knew. She was convinced it was not her time and she told her husband that she wasn’t going to let her youngest daughter, who was then eight, grow up without a mummy.


Quantum Thinking is all about how our thoughts effect our bodies and how, by taking control over the way we think, we can improve our health, well-being and wealth.

Our body is made up of various organs which are in turn made up of cells. In fact we have over 50 Trillion cells in our bodies and each and every one of the is affected, almost instantaneously, by our thoughts. They are the nutrients, good or bad, that nuture our cells, which in turn nuture our organs and our physical well-being.

Interested in knowing more? Then come along and join us on Quantum Thinking Seminar on the 27th May at the Sandford Springs Golf Club, Kingsclere, Hampshire (near Newbury). Let me show you how you can literally change yourlife and re-programme yourself into a better quality of life.

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