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Wow what a guy! One chance meeting with Mark Dawes has changed my life in so many ways; I am happier, healthier and am looking forward to a very different future. In 10 years of seeking medical help to resolve pseudo fits and getting nowhere a chance meeting with Mark changed everything.
I attended a Quantum Thinking Workshop being run by Mark Dawes through my employer in December 2009. It was sold to me as a stress management course. It was no such thing.
"When I decided to tackle my phobia of dentists, I didn't really know where to start. It had been a problem for longer than I can remember and even a simple check-up would give me days of worry in anticipation. I decided enough was enough and to try anything to overcome this irrational phobia. The problem was that by acknowledging the problem, it started to become more prominent in other areas of my life. I started getting panic attacks in all sorts of unrelated places from familiar environments to crowded places and hospitals.
Hi Mark

Just a quick email to thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday - like I said, I know I'm a bit of an enthusiast and was ready for finding out about NLP anyway, but even if I hadn't been it would have been a great day and quite inspiring.
We commissioned a rolling programme of Personal Change Management events from NFPS. This was part of our action plan to address sickness absence and in particular stress-related absence in a proactive way. 15 sessions have been run to date attended by 215 members of staff. Managers were actively encouraged to try to ensure staff who had raised concerns over stress were encouraged to attend.
We recently ran a similar course to the one we ran for the Probation Service for the Prison Service. The results showed a discernable improvement in the delegates feeling of stress with levels improving in all of the categories and in 3 categories the combined rating moved from red to amber status, which indicates quite a significant achievable shift within one day.
We have been recently delivering a new course on Personal Change Management for staff in two Probation Service areas who are experiencing high levels of stress in the workplace. The following is an extract of the feedback received from the two probation Service areas.

If, on reading the following you would like to achieve the same results in your area please contact us at our convenience.

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